So what is Monke: Go Bananas?

Go crazy, go bananas and defeat the flying snakes with a monke by your side! Fight till your score is bananas and you can't beat it anymore; otherwise, don't even think about quitting. Remember though, what may seem like a rivalry between the iconic duo and the snakes, might actually just be a toxic relationship, because, spoiler alert: the snakes are actually in love with the banana and the monke is in the way of their not so healthy love!

Thank you Dax for making some amazing audio!


  • WASD 
  • Space to shoot
  • W or S + Space to shoot at an angle
  • ESC to pause (in game)

Development log


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hey man,thanks for using my music,hope i can keep working with you :D

Thanks for making amazing music!!

this game makes me want to devolve back into a monke

That's the perfection


i feel monkee


Its a nice game to just play but the score bar has less details then everything else

Thank you so much for the feedback! We will for sure take this further and see what we can do about it :) Glad you liked the game!